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For some people who have a plus size body, body size is the limit for style. Even though plus size woman can wear beautiful and unique dresses. we really have to need extra confidence in ourselves. In my opinion, plus size women will also look beautiful as like ideal woman. As long as they are confident in their bodies. Whatever we wear will look very beautiful if we are have confident to our self. 

On this blog, i want to give you a recomendation pretty dresses and clothings. I think that dresses and clothings will be cute too when woman plus size wear it. Recently, I came across a website that sells plus size women's dresses. They sell all kinds of dresses and not only that, they also sell tops and underwear. 

This website is a website that sell cheap wholesale plus size clothing. You can find various kinds of clothes at low prices. Even though they have low prices, you don't need to doubt the quality and style they have. They sell at very good quality. It's great to find cheap wholesale plus size clothing for those of us who want to be stylish every day. Don't need to be afraid to spend a lot of money. As we know, women like to change clothes to support their daily appearance. I will show you my recommendations for clothings that I like from Feelingirldress. You can use these clothes for everyday or casual style.

Classy Black Polka Dots Queen Size Shirt Mesh Cool Fashion

I love this top! This top combine t-shirt material with tile. This kind tops that are very comfortable to use but still have a unique style. Feels like wearing a t-shirt but it's a little extra. This top can be used as a casual or formal. If it's a formal event, we can use a skirt and add a pearl necklace. Imagine, it's beautiful. They have two colors black and maroon. I think these two colors are very beautiful and elegant.

Yellow Colorblock 2 Piece Outfits Contrast Color Sensual Curves


Very different from my previous recommendation. This is a suit. This suit have many colors and I love this color, yellow. I like this suit because, it reminds me of a sporty look. After all, now it's realy hype  to wear suits. I think this suit is very comfortable for everyday use. Or you want an extra look with this outfit too. I think this suit model is quite long lasting. After all, we can use them separately and mix and match with other clothes.

This suit a slight accent on the arms which makes it impression even more feminine. Not only that, there is a little cleavage at the bottom so that our feet look longer. Of course this also gives a unique accent.

Nice Blue Long Sleeve Top Plus Size Shorts Set For Walking


Hi tie dye lovers! I believe this suit is widely liked because, now it's a trend. Actually, this color can be seen like tie dye or sky blue. This suit comes in several colors and I like this blue the most. This suit have oversized top soh really good when we pair with fit short.

I also like it because this suit is made of t-shirts like a sweat shirt paired with shorts. So I guess even if it's summertime it can still use this. Looks trendy and comfortable. 

Next, I will give you a dress recommendation. Apart from being a cheap wholesale plus size clothing website, they are also a plus size dresses wholesale. Which means, they also sell dresses at low prices. Very happy, right? You can also get beautiful dresses at wholesale prices. This dress that I will recommend, you can use it in formal, semi-formal or casual events. So, check this out!

Premium Army Green V-Neck Plus Size Dress Pleated 

Now we will go to the dress section. Here I chose this dress because, in my opinion, this dress style is long last style. I personally like to use a dress like this because it can make our bodies look slimmer. The shape of a neck  like this makes people's views focus on the sternum and neck. This collar style make us appear slimmer. This dress have style loose at arms and can also cover our big arm. For an a line skirt model like this is also beautiful and feminine. Because, can cover the width of our hips.

Stretch Light Blue Maxi Dress Flower Print Tie Waist For Ladies


Still the same type of dress as my previous recommendation. However, this dress is longer. I think this dress is also very beautiful with a flower motif. The lightweight material is also very suitable for use in the summer. I think this dress is very beautiful to wear on vacation like to the beach or the park. This dress can also be used in semi-formal events too.

Slinky Black Tie Large Size Dress Long-Sleeved


last dress recommendation. Black dress which I think is simple but elegant. I also like this style of dress. This dress has a cut at the waist so that it makes the illusion of a small hips. In addition, she uses a beautiful collar with a ribbon accent. Oh yeah, this type of collar is a little tricky because it can make us fatter. This is because the neck or chest is not visible. However, the collar is given a little space to reveal our neck and chest. So, I think this dress will look beautiful when we wear it. 

This is a recommendation for beautiful dresses and clothings for plus size women. You can get them with wholesale prices. You can view Feelingirldress sales 2020, check their collection. So, wherever you live you can order their products. I hope this blog can be an inspiration to all of you. 

Remember! Believe it that you are beautiful, no matter what size you are!

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